Eastlink ACAA Award Presentation

EastLink ACAA Award Presentation

Everyone in Victoria will know the EastLink freeway and how it has become a vital roadway for Melbournians.

John Holland, the construction company who constructed the EastLink freeway had entered the project into the Australian Construction Achievement Awards.

A winning award for a business is a proud valued accomplishment and one that can endorse a business with recognition and trust. Its a feather in the cap for a business that is wanting to be successful in acquiring more prospective projects.

Part of the submission process to the Australian Construction Achievement Awards was to prepare a creative presentation that outlined the project in every way. Designing The Award submission presentation was a task trusted to the Wizarts.

The presentation had over 100 pages of detailed copy, full colour photography and illustrated diagrams and maps. The Wizarts creative graphic design skills were put into place and this beautifully presented publication was produced. The Wizarts came up with the complete concept and design and printed the project accurately and to an imperative dead line.

This designed EastLink presentation consisted of an outside cover that would form a boxed cover. The outside was printed on a quality 400 GSM satin art board with a double sided Matt laminate.

This was die cut with contouring curves to represent the flowing curves of the project. Upon sliding out the document and opening the cover, would reveal a wiro bound A4 size booklet. Wiro binding was chosen to assist the judging panel in handling. Pages could be easily turned back on themselves as each area of the project could be outlined. This complete presentation pack was effortless to pack away and the creative casing kept the document protected whilst being extremely stylish.

The Wizarts are happy to say that John Holland won the award hands down against 5 other major national projects. This was a great project and it surely deserved this award.

Here at the Wizarts we like to think that the way the Wizarts captured the essence of the EastLink project in a creative single presented document may of helped influence, through experienced graphic design and a clear precise message to achieved a positive outcome.

Trusting a design studio to creatively plan, design and produce an award winning presentation can be confidently done at the Wizarts. With over 20 years in business the Wizarts in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne welcome your enquiry today.

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