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East Gippsland is the eastern region of Gippsland, Victoria and is a vicinity of 31,740 square kilometers. Closer in to Goongerah, short walks can be taken from the camp ground which includes a viewing site overlooking the central part of the valley which was first settled in the 1860s. The area is home to many common and native Australian plants, which Environment East Gippsland Inc. wanted to be categorised into a portable guide book.

This A6 plant guide booklet features over 40 different species of native flora found in a small settlement of Goongerah on the Brodribb River. Using photos right from the source, the booklet is full of colour and information that any nature enthusiast can bring along on their treks through East Gippsland.

Environment East Gippsland Inc. is the longest running community forest group working solely for the protection of Victoria’s last and largest area of ancient forest and surrounding natural environment.

Excerpt from the booklet:

The small settlement of Goongerah on the Brodribb River, straddles a number of ‘Ecological vegetation classes’ and so provides a good representation of the wider area. These include features of the wetter forests of the Errinundra Plateau, the riparian river-edge plants, damp gullies and the drier spurs and ridges of the foothill country.

It supports a rich mix of local native plants. To date, 385 species have been identified but many more are being added to this list. Hence, a pocket sized booklet can only cover the more commonly occurring plants in this, our ‘pocket sized valley’.

A rich mix of flora can often indicate equally diverse fungi, insect, bird, mammal, frog and reptile populations.