Dusty Theatre Program

The Dusty Theater Program is a program designed completely by the Wizarts for the CLOC Musical Theatre. The Dusty performance is about the late Dusty Springfield. This English pop singer, record producer’s career spanned form the late 50’s to the 90’s. The performance was a look into Dusty Springfield’s professional and personal life.

Performance programs and entertainment marketing like this need to be designed correctly and exactly. The concept and design needs to fit exactly with the performance. It needs to build excitement and the graphic design must not give a misleading impression about the performance.

The Wizarts has over 20 successful years of experience producing graphic design and creative marketing for the theater and performing arts industry. Whether it be a simple flyer, an advertisement, a billboard or even a theater performance program like the example here. The Wizarts can confidently, creatively put this together for you. All with in your crucial time line.

Trust the Wizarts in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to carefully graphic design your next performance marketing devices.