Dusty Billboard


Dusty Billboard was designed by the Wizarts along with the Program and other supporting marketing material.

The Dusty performance is about the late Dusty Springfield. This English pop singer, record producer’s career spanned form the late 50’s to the 90’s. The performance was a look into Dusty Springfield’s professional and personal life.

There are several types of Billboards the Wizarts do for the theatre and performing arts industry. The billboards often need to fit into established light boxes and place holders so it is important that the submission documents are followed to ensure the banners or billboards fit their location. If not it can be a costly exercise to reprint.

Billboards and Banners are a great way to grab attention to your up and coming event or performance. Keeping the design clean and simple is ideal so as to instantly convey your message. Often Billboards and Banners are only spotted at a glance so to get someone to read the smaller details can be done secondary. This can however depend upon your message and the situation. The location the Billboard or Banner will be situated is also taken into account.