Magazine Adverts


Magazine adverts are a great way to advertise your services or products. Choosing the right magazine publication to place your advert in is perhaps your first thought. You will need to select a publication that fits with your industry, where you can target readers who might have a keen interest in your goods and/or services.

Quality magazines that are well known and cover a large percentage of the market, will be very expensive to advertise in. However, the public exposure may be a successful way of making your business successfully known.

Because of the huge outlay in printing costs with magazine adverts its vital to have your adverts creatively designed to maximise the impact of your message. In fact a poorly designed advert will most certainly reflect on your business and cost you with unsuccessful advertising campaigns.

The Wizarts have more than 20 years of experience in creative advertising. Creative graphic design with an expert use of “white space” will ensure your adverts are successfully designed.

Setting up adverts to critical media specifications and preflight artwork delivery will ensure your adverts are set up to the magazine’s strict specifications. Often the Wizarts deliver artwork via Quickcut, Adstream (a third party media handler). This can often be the only way to deliver artwork to large publishing houses like newspapers and magazine publishers. The Wizarts have accounts in place to assist clients effortlessly with artwork delivery.

This Donnellans Advert example is one of many that has been designed and prepared by the Wizarts, to run in Car enthusiasts magazines to target car lovers.

If you are thinking about advertising. Please consider contacting the Wizarts to find out more information regarding creatively designed adverts and press Advertising. The Wizarts are situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne at 24 Vista Avenue Ringwood East.

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