Your brand, your way… a Style Guide!
Why you need one?

Branding and positioning a product the right way will build value. Corporate Identity Manuals or Style Guides will ensure that your brand earns the value and trust it deserves.

A Corporate Identity Manual is a guideline on how logotypes, colours and typography should be used to promote the visual identity in the most convenient, consistent and efficient way. To create a corporate identity is much more than just designing a logo or wordmark by itself. A whole design policy must be thought out to assure the twin virtues of flexibility and continuity. Building a strong brand is about building trust in your business, and the foundation of trust is consistency. When you act the same way every time, people trust you will continue to act that way.

A Corporate Identity Style Guide contains a thorough explanation of your new identity and how to use it effectively to complete a long-term successfully consistent identity campaign. A Style Guide becomes the cornerstone for the consistent application of the identity throughout all the corporate materials. Without one, an identity program and marketing campaign becomes difficult to manage. A company needs a corporate Identity Manual or style Guide to convey the same message to all the third parties, such as advertisers, photographers, marketing companies or printers, without any misunderstanding. A Style guide enhances marketing and sales efforts so that effective use of the brand logo, design and expression generate a positive impact.

The Wizarts, based in Ringwood East, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, are experts in brand design and marketing, servicing some of Melbourne’s top businesses and brands. We guide your company through the process of creating a style guide for your brand. We specialise in all aspects of branding to help businesses connect with their audience through the personality of their brand. A brand needs to be thoroughly considered, researched and understood before proceeding with the graphic design of any collateral. We create a blue print for your business!

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