Catalogue Design – the essentials

Looking for creative catalogue design?
Ringwood East-based, Melbourne graphic design specialists, the Wizarts, can help you.

The most important aspects of product catalogue design are clear typography, clean page layout design, high quality photographic images, logical layout, and easy to understand diagrams. It is crucial that your customers can easily navigate and find the information about your products and services, without confusion. At the same time as organising a mass of information into a logical and intuitive-to-use manual, good catalogue design will inject visual creativity. Your catalogue should boast a unique look that shows your corporate identity, helping you have a clear edge over your competitors.

The Wizarts have all types of art materials. We create graphic design solutions by working closely with our clients. We create attractive catalogue design solutions that will work to communicate your business and the products and services you sell to your customers so they will want to do business with you. Our catalogue design service can help emphasise products highlighting their features and benefits. Whether you are looking to launch a new catalogue, or you want to give your current catalogue a much needed boost, The Wizarts can help. We work hard to make sure your catalogue works harder for you and we are a cost effective solution to your next project.

Effective catalogue design tips

Establish a hierarchy of information. What is crucial to each product, what are the features, specifications, what are the benefits to the consumer? Which products are you pushing, which products are your best sellers, which products have a high profit margin?

Offer in-depth information. the main features of your products, costs, means of acquiring it and also any special offers and discounts. The recipient is interested in your product, that’s why they are reading your catalogue. Readers should find the information required quickly. Ensure the index, contents and appendices are accurate. Use awards and testimonials for reference, they generate trust in your consumer.

We make sure that your catalogue’s photos and images are of the highest quality, through effective design, colour balance and colour correction.

After your catalogue is well designed, the quality print procedure needs to be organised. The Wizarts, based in Ringwood East, eastern suburbs of Melbourne, can also manage the printing of your catalogues, within your deadline and at a reasonable price. Alternatively we can liaise with your print supplier.

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