Books and Covers

At the Wizarts we specialise in helping our clients publish their manuscript into a professional and marketable published book. Our designers have extensive experience in Book and Book Cover design and layout.

We will work with you to achieve the right design and the right style that best depicts the content and subject matter of your publication.

People say that you “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” but in fact a good book cover design will most certainly grab attention and instigate attention to take a second look.

Choosing the correct typography and design layout for the body copy of your book is crucial. This will assist the reader to easily comprehend your story and sustain their attention comfortably. The Wizarts typesetting skills are quick and accurate with experienced typography know how that will professionally put your new book in the respected category of the way traditionally books were crafted.

Working with you on the creative is a fun experience! You will enjoy seeing your manuscript grow into finished artwork that becomes ready for digital or press publishing.

You will participate in every stage of your book’s design process for a creative, rewarding experience. Together we’ll transform your ideas into a high-quality book that you will be proud of.

The book cover design is the first impression!

Whether you like it or not, the success of a book is largely judged by its cover! If you are going to print thousands of books (which may become millions later), it is definitely worthwhile investing in a well designed cover. An attractive cover design visually conveys a book’s message and can generate feelings of excitement and anticipation for discovering further adventures or insights. This not only allows the author a greater sense of pride but can generate the all important book sales. An engaging cover will create positive feelings and “BUY” emotion.

Your book only has a few seconds to attract reader, retailer and reviewer attention; make sure it’s your book they’re choosing.

Interior formatting should give a feeling of comfort, be easy to read and navigate by way of typeface, line spacing, margins and photo placement that enhances the over all reading experience.

Your book is important to you. You have spent a lot of time getting it this far. Let us, The Wizarts, help you get it completed. With experiences in graphic design and marketing for over 18 years, we create book covers and internal page design that not only stands out on the shelves, but attracts attention. Make the reading public want to pick up your book.

We also manage book printing for you

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