Banners and Posters

Imagine people walking by your stall or shop front, slowing down to eye your banner and poster with interest? You have time then to catch their eye, start a conversation and maybe make a sale. Banners and posters create a greater impact on your potential clients than any other method of display.

A poster is a piece of design whose main characteristic is the immediate transmission of a message. Posters are highly efficient communicational tools since they are accessible to wide masses of people — they are part of the street semiotic.

On websites a banner is a hypertext link that works as an advertising tool for your company and can easily link back to your website. Physical Banners can be custom made up for you in any size for the display at exhibitions, seminars, trade shows, product/service launches and even the office front of your business. Pull up banners are very popular. These easy to use portable style banner displays are simple to set up and store away for future use. Often used at places such as trade shows, shopping malls or seminars, these exhibition banners are a great way for you to advertise your products and customer service.

Considering the growing number of advertising banners, it is necessary to stand out from the competition. A professionally designed banner will make all the difference. In fact, if a banner enjoys a professional, eye-catching and appealing design, it will certainly succeed. Get the attention from your audiences, motivate them to go to your store and buy your products or services.

As posters are supposed to cause a great impact considering that neither passersby nor drivers will stop to read them, they should be precise regarding the message and the elements used to convey it. In this way, an intelligible and closely analysed poster will work as a key marketing element that is capable of conveying an unforgettable message immediately.

The Wizarts are professionals at designing banners and posters. You provide us with the message and objectives, then we will create effective and appealing banners and posters. It’s as simple as that! Because we are experienced in graphic designing and marketing, your banners and posters will reach your target audience’s attention. Leave it to us!

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