Crows Nest Easter Banner

Crows Nest Easter Banner

The Crows Nest Easter Banner was a request for their shopping street. Crows Nest Mainstreet wanted to bring a little Easter cheer to the shopping street. The banner also needed to visualise fun times that could be had locally. Crows Nest Mainstreet’s logo contains an illustration of a crow which played a part in how the rest of the brand could look.

The Wizarts used styled illustrations to bring a bright background into the banner. Crows Nest Mainstreet requested specific sentences be used for this banner. These were included in the banner using several treatments to make each sentence stand out. The Wizarts used the brands mascot to personify the feeling of fun and shopping the customers would feel while also supporting local businesses.

Banners and posters create a greater impact on your potential clients than any other method of display. Imagine people walking by your stall or shop front, slowing down to eye your banner and poster with interest? You have time then to catch their eye, start a conversation and maybe make a sale.

Pull up banners are very popular. These easy to use portable style banner displays are simple to set up and store away for future use. Often used at places such as trade shows, shopping malls or seminars, these exhibition banners are a great way for you to advertise your products and customer service.

You can expect uniquely crafted designs tailored to your requirements as received by Crows Nest Mainstreet. We will design and develop artwork to your specifications and supply you with what you need and more.

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