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Clearwater Acrylic is one of The Wizarts early clients. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of premium structural acrylic view panels for swimming pools and other marine applications. Like their products, the company requested branding that was clear and concise.

The Wizarts designed the Clearwater Acrylic logo to represent the playful and rejuvenating feeling of splashing in a clean pool. The logo gave a good balance between professionalism and play at what they did. The dots also represented droplets on a clear acrylic pane.

Like their logo, the Clearwater Acrylic website use the ongoing brand of water droplets and clear space to bring fourth a clean design. It uses imagery that emphasises water against a clean acrylic panel. Navigation is easy within the website as the access to pages is clear at the top of the page.

The Clearwater Acrylic website also retains a slider on most of its pages. This slider contains some of the companys proud and professional jobs. It also serves as an inspiration to pool enthusiasts and an idea of the many creative ways the product can be utilised. Besides the top slider, the gallery Lightbox creates a click and play slideshow for all other photos Clearwater is proud to show.

The Clearwater Acrylic website still maintains its design to this day. Contact The Wizarts to design a lasting website for your company.

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