City Kid Book Cover

City Kid Book Cover

When The Wizarts was approached to design the City Kid book cover, the author had one specification: that the book cover would use her image.

Using the synopsis of the book as a reference, our team designed several covers for City Kid. The authors photo was always the forefront of the design however several graphic design treatments were applied on both the overall design and the typography on the cover. The authors image was also professionally treated with different blends and effects to bring out a historical touch.

During the proposal, our team also dealt with the manipulation of texture and colour for the background of cover. Keeping the City Kid book cover monochromatic lent an appeal to the books topic. The author was happy to proceed with a warm hue, a dramatic impact in keeping with her background in acting.

Once the design of the book cover was distilled, it was then completed with a continuous spine and back cover. The final cover for the City Kid book was a delight to the author.

About the City Kid Book

At the age of 94, the famous Australian actress Lola Russell has published her very first book, entitled ‘City Kid’. This autobiography not only captures the interesting adventures of the amazing Lola Russell, it also records the vast and rich history of Melbourne. Lola Russell’s memoir aims to preserve the memories of the Melbourne she once knew. ‘City Kid’ educates readers on Melbourne’s history from the 1840s onwards.

About the Author

The amazing Lola Russell is a true Australian icon from heart of Melbourne’s CBD. She was born over 90 years ago on July 28th in a little cottage on the corner of King and La Trobe Street. Her autobiography, ‘City Kid’ recounts her life in Melbourne’s ever-changing landscape. From growing up, building a career, and falling in love in Melbourne, her personal stories capture the rich history of a Melbourne that is long gone.