Christmas Event Posters for RYOBI

Christmas Event Poster RYOBI AEG Fusion Double Page Ad

The Christmas Event Posters was created for RYOBI, a branch of TTI Australia. These posters were created in time for holiday season events. RYOBI commissioned workshops to be held at Bunnings to engage with customers close to Christmas. The workshops were held in several Bunnings locations.

Inline with RYOBIs bright and wholesome brand, The Wizarts used supplied imagery to create these posters. Firstly, we used our design skills to build a template which could be used for all Bunnings stores. The template made full use of the imagery while keeping event details highly legible. In addition, the posters were given a festive touch via pine leaves. At the same time, wood shavings represented the workshop event. Secondly, special redemption deals and giveaways were highlighted in the poster. Consequently, the template was used with success in several Bunnings stores.

To sum up, The Wizarts have used all content and imagery supplied and designed the Christmas Creation Guides campaign to be both impactful and informative.

Add value with Christmas events

While the Christmas Event Posters aren’t direct marketing material, it serves to keep the brand in the mind of the customer. Existing users are inspired to use the tools they have. On the other hand, new customers may also attend these events up and be encouraged to buy the tools. This is a great way to extend your brand while keeping it fun and fresh. Similarly if you want the customer to use your product, show them how it will better their lives.

This level of care and attention is why the Wizarts is trusted to look after the campaigns for RYOBI, a high profile business that has a lot riding on its reputation. Having said that, no matter what size business you are, The Wizarts will adopt the same professional care and design skill for your business.

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