Certified Therapy Dog Badge, Lead The Way Institute

Certified Therapy Dog Badge
Certified Therapy Dog Badge variations

The Certified Therapy Dog Badge was made for Lead the Way Institute. This institute is an organisation dedicated to providing high quality clinical services to those in need. The institute trains fellow professionals in the art and science of delivering Animal-Assisted Interventions. Most importantly, the badges identify professionals who have completed the training course.

Lead The Way requested the badges for all their graduating professionals. Firstly, the badges needed to be circular. The institute loved the organic shape and it’s ability to stand out while fitting in. Secondly, variation of the logo was designed to fit into the circle. Lastly, we supplied an information sheet on the badge. This cheatsheet is a shortcut on how to use each badge variation on any background.

Meanwhile, each badge had a label and term of validity for each professional. That is to say, a professional who finishes the training course is provided with a badge. The title on the badge corresponds to the training course such as Certified or Advanced Therapy Dog badge. Subsequently, it also lists an expiry date. This will be a six or nine month period.

The Wizarts supplies each badge required for each term. After that, the institute distributes the badges.

Protecting and expanding your brand

Lead The Way had existing logo and branding in place when they approach The Wizarts. Most importantly, their logo had a certain amount of historical significance. The Wizarts continues to maintain this in all future marketing devices.

Lead The Way was established in 2003 by Psychologist and Professional Dog Trainer Melanie G Jones. Melanie began researching the efficacy of the interventions in partnership with Monash University. Melanie developed a partnership with Greg Fontana to deliver the first ever Therapy Dog training course in the country by 2006. After that, the Psychology Clinic opened in 2009, offering child, adolescent and family counselling with the assistance of Therapy Dogs.

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