BVP Quotation Form

BVP Quotation Form

The BVP Quotation Form was created for BVP Products Australia. BVP Products is the only company in the industry to re-consider the technology of manufacturing a vibratory bowl machine and radically change it to make it both perform and look better. The company requested a digital form to send quotes to their customers with ease. The Wizarts resolved this issue by providing an editable PDF form.

The BVP Quotation form can be filled with information of the product required. This includes product quantity, part number, description, unit price and total. In addition, the form also includes the buyers information and payment options. The total is easy to read and the layout of the form is easy to maneuver. Once the form has been filled, staff can easily print a copy to be sent to the buyer. Staff may also save a non editable version to be sent via email or anywhere online.

Moreover, if the sale is not complete the staff is able to save the form for later. For instance, the form can easily be amended if the customer decides to choose another product. Other options for an editable PDF form include applications, surveys, notices, claims and more.

You can expect uniquely crafted designs tailored to your requirements as received by BVP Products. We will design and develop artwork to your specifications and supply you with what you need and more.

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