BHSSC Folder

BHSSC Folder

The BHSSC Folder was a request from Box Hill Senior Secondary College. BHSSC needed new document folders in line with their new exciting branding. The results are bold, inspiring folders. Moreover, these folders were first introduced on the college open day. Visitors received these folders along with course brochures and other reading material.

On open day the college gives information about the courses on offer using course brochures. They are all part of a cohesive brand image in tandem with the school’s busy open days. During these events, families take the brochures home in these folders. The folder makes it easy to carry all the brochures they want.

The new BHSSC Folder used bold colour blocks and designs to attract attention. The brand colours provide a big impact with easy to read taglines. Most importantly, it has images of the college students and alumni. This represents the courses and ideals of the college. For example, sports courses are represented by team and game photos. Likewise, student projects represent arts courses. Photos of students incorporated in the artwork give a real life look and feel to the courses offered.

Box Hill Senior Secondary College had existing logo and branding in place when they approach The Wizarts. Most importantly, their logo had a certain amount of historical significance. The Wizarts continues to maintain this in all future marketing devices.

The Wizarts have a great relationship with this great school. Consequently, its always a pleasure working with them to build marketing material along with their input.

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