BHSSC DL Brochures

BHSSC DL Brochures

With Australia’s high intake of international students, schools require multi-lingual marketing material like brochures for the international promotion of their programs. The BHSSC DL Brochures are a good example of this exercise.

Box Hill Senior Secondary College already had a logo and a certain amount of branding in place when they approach the Wizarts. So their logo had a certain amount of historical significance. The Wizarts had to maintain this in all future marketing devices.

Schools and Education departments who have an intake of international students require informative material for their prospective students and parents.

The Wizarts often translate stationary and brochure information into foreign languages. In recent years the Wizarts has been translating many school and corporate brochures into Chinese, and in a lot of cases other languages too. Along with the typical English brochures, schools and businesses have identical brochures printed in a foreign language to cater for a niche group of people.

Box Hill Senior Secondary College did just that. The Wizarts designed and set up a total of 4 BHSSC DL Brochures with the same design but just altering the language content. All brochures were printed together to keep the printing cost effective.