BHSSC Course Brochures

Box Hill Senior Secondary College already had a logo and a certain amount of branding in place when they approach the Wizarts. So their logo had a certain amount of historical significance. The Wizarts had to maintain this in all future marketing devices.

The Wizarts have a great relationship with this great school and its always a pleasure working with them to build marketing material along with their input.

The BHSSC Course Brochures are required to give informative descriptions about the courses Box Hill Senior Secondary College offer their students. They are all part of a cohesive brand image that went with the school’s busy open days. Families would attend these events and need to take away important information to review and discuss at home with their children.

The Wizarts change the design look of these devices each year to create a current and up to date brochure. Photos of students would be incorporated in the artwork to give a real life look and feel to the great work Box Hill Senior Secondary College offer their students.