Belmore Travel Anzac 2015 Brochure

The Anzac 2015 Brochure was produced for Belmore Travel, a Melbourne travel agency specialising in Anzac themed tours and destinations. The Wizarts has worked with Belmore Travel for many years and have designed brochures for countless tours. The challenge of each brochure came in the form of restricted number of pages and colours while maintaining a clean and tidy look. The brochures also had to be appealing to an elder market which were the main investors in Anzac based tours.

The Anzac 2015 Brochure used a warm colour scheme and large typeface to maximise legibility. Images were set up as monochrome to strengthen the colour scheme for the year.

Travel brochures are an import device for Travel agents. You could say essential, especially for retired clients who are not on the internet. Travel brochures, like other forms of brochures can be supplied to clients in print and in digital form. Direct mail of print material and attaching pdf files for download from your website is a perfect marketing strategy for your goods and services.

Travel brochures tend to be laid out quit differently than a typical brochure. The Wizarts use clean and creative typography to lay out the itinerary so that each step of the vacation is clearly understood with the relevant accompanied images and maps.

The Wizarts can supply the printing of your brochures in a range of different ways. So why not contact the Wizarts today and we would be delighted to prepare a competitive quotation for you.