BATCH Brochure Term 3/4 2015

The BATCH brochure is a device that is designed and produced each term for Bulleen and Templestowe Community House Inc. Its main purpose is to inform the public of running educational courses that are conducted at the Ted Ajani Reserve of Lower Templestowe. This includes new and existing courses and the important information regarding times, dates and the enrollment process.

BATCH brochures are updated quarterly, coinciding with the course terms that are available from the community house. Normally the newsletter has a slight different theme each term to ensure that the public know that they have the most up to date program available. Each BATCH brochure term theme differs in terms of colours and images which make it easy for the consumer to instantly identify a new brochure. The content of the brochures are also organised alphabetically by course types which makes it easy to find the course you would be interested in.

Regular newsletters or informative brochures keep your customers informed and up to date with your operation or products and service. They are vital for ongoing marketing of your business.

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