Bastille Floors Website

Bastille Floors required a simple website to showcase some of the companys best work in French oak and timber flooring. The company imports slabs of timber from France and precisely mills the timber to suit each individual order. They also supply French Oak parquetry cut to suit each individual request.

With customising being a big part of their business, Bastille Floors wanted their website custom built to their satisfaction as well. Which is what they received with The Wizarts.

A simple, modern, clean cut website was produced with a predominant dark colour surrounding the content. This contrast brings forth the professional imagery and photography of the companys proud work in flooring. The design boasts easy access to the websites pages and instant information within one click. The website gallery loads with thumbnails as previews to each project handled by Bastille Floors.

Whether you need a no-fuss simple website or a large scale portal, The Wizarts can help you stamp your mark online. Contact us today to find out how.

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