ARA Annual Report 2017-2018

Alfred Research Annual Report 2017 2018 a
Alfred Research Annual Report 2017 2018 a
Alfred Research Annual Report 2017 2018 a

The ARA Annual Report 2017-2018 was created for the Alfred Research Alliance (ARA), a collaborative partnership between like minded health organisations. ARA had existing logo and branding in place when they approach The Wizarts. Most importantly, their logo went through significant thought processes. The Wizarts continues to maintain this brand in all future marketing devices.

This is the first Annual Research Report from the Alfred Research Alliance. In 2017, the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP) Council undertook a major strategic review of their purpose and activities. In September 2018, they launched their new brand under the name Alfred Research Alliance. The ARA Annual Report 2017-2018 serves as a record to acknowledge relationships, recognise progress made together and celebrate people involved in the organisations.

As a result, the report contains pages of information. Certainly we took this information and organised the report carefully. We used supplied and sourced imagery to better the content. That is to say, images and infographics used brightened up the report. Moreover, icons and sections made the information easy to read and understand.

Printing the ARA Annual Report 2017-2018

In addition to the cleverly designed report, The Wizarts also assisted in printing. The report was presented with a thick weight cover and perfect binding. This made it a prestigious report. Clear raised UV 3D Skodex was used on the cover. This gives the cover texture and interest.

Here at The Wizarts we like to think that the way we captured the essence of the ARA Annual Report. An organised document with graphic design and a clear precise message to achieved a substantial report.

In conclusion, you can expect uniquely crafted reports tailored to your requirements as received by the Alfred Research Alliance. We will design and develop artwork to your specifications and supply you with what you need and more. Feel free to contact us and discuss your artwork needs today!