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The Alfred Research Alliance Website was created for the Alfred Research Alliance (ARA), a collaborative partnership between like minded health organisations. ARA had existing logo and branding in place when they approach The Wizarts. Most importantly, their logo went through significant thought processes. The Wizarts continues to maintain this brand in all future marketing devices.

Previously, ARA already had an existing website. The organisations add and amend content independently. This system was well used. Consequently, The Wizarts were tasked with creating a site that is not only useful but easily adopted by the staff. In addition, the previous website contained massive amounts of information. The information had to be transferred over in an orderly manner. Above all, the new website needed to be expandable to new information.

Subsequently, The Wizarts supplied ARA with static drafts of the Alfred Research Alliance Website. Firstly, the existing website was a good starting point. New technology and brand colours featured on the website elements. We modernised the website with tasteful and organised designs. These designs were discussed among the organisations. Once a draft was approved, we built the website using WordPress at its foundation.

Uploading your website

After that, we transferred the website and its components to the ARA hosting team. The Wizarts is able to supply you an entire developed website to be uploaded to your hosting. We worked seamlessly with the ARA hosting team to upload the Alfred Research Alliance Website and made sure it worked as it should. The hosting team did a great job with the upload.

In conclusion, you can expect uniquely crafted websites tailored to your requirements as received by the Alfred Research Alliance. We will design and develop websites to your specifications and supply you with what you need and more. Feel free to contact us and discuss your artwork needs today!

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