AEG Takeover Animated Facebook Ad

The AEG Takeover Animated Facebook Ad was created for AEG Powertools, a branch of TTI New Zealand. This marketing campaign was distributed via Facebook. The target of this email would be subscribers to the AEG brand. The advertisement aims to bring attention to AEGs one day only Takeover event at several Bunnings stores.

The Wizarts used supplied imagery to create impact even on a small screen inline with AEGs bold and dark brand. Firstly, the ad needed to be in line with the other campaign materials that were going to be used. In collaboration with our clients a design was created and approved for use. Secondly, keyframes of the animation were supplied for approval. Once this was done, the full animation was created. In addition, we were able to use the animation to introduce the promotion at several Bunnings stores.

As social media being used predominantly on mobile screens, the text is large and to the point. The animation is short and impactful to capture the attention. It is enough to entertain and still supply required information.

To sum up, The Wizarts have used all content and imagery supplied and designed an Facebook Ad  that is both impactful and informative.

Behind the Takeover Animated Facebook Ad

In recent times, marketing is done in a more direct approach. Although certain marketing material are still available, the bulk of advertising is now done online. For example, where we find newspaper ads in the past have now been replaced by ad boxes on websites. Facebook ad campaigns allow you to reach out to your target market via their social media. Grab their attention at any time.

With Facebook ads, the seller faces some limitations to file size and animation duration. As a result, short and sweet animations is best. Some movement for excitement but not too much as to confuse.

This level of care and attention is why the Wizarts is trusted to look after the Facebook Ad for AEG, a high profile business that has a lot riding on its reputation. Having said that, no matter what size business you are, the Wizarts will adopt the same professional care and design skill for your business.

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