AEG Fusion Double Page Ad

AEG Fusion Double Page Ad

The AEG Fusion Double Page Ad was created for AEG Powertools, a branch of TTI Australia. This advertisement was published in a popular tool magazine. The ads aim was to bring attention to AEGs new Fusion Brushless powertools and Force Lithium Ion batteries.

Inline with AEGs bold and dark brand, The Wizarts used supplied imagery to create impact over a spread of pages. In the same vein, the confident model provided an impressive effect to the reader. You will get a feeling of confidence in using AEG tools from the model. Not only that, the imagery also represents the customer of the tool in the best light. The target market will find familiarity in this image.

The Wizarts also used design skills to build the layout of this Fusion Double Page Ad. Although there is a lot of content in the ad, each piece of information was given attention. Your eyes are drawn to the title of the ad. The Fusion and Force logos each sit above a tagline and description. The body of the ad is concluded with a summary line. After that, the 4 Core Innovation icons are laid out in an easy to read manner.

To sum up, The Wizarts have used all content and imagery supplied and designed a double page ad that is both impactful and informative.

This level of care and attention is why the Wizarts is trusted to look after ads catalogues for AEG, a high profile business that has a lot riding on its reputation. Having said that, no matter what size business you are, the Wizarts will adopt the same professional care and design skill for your business.

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