A Chorus Line Program

A Chorus Line Program Cover
A Chorus Line Program Spread
A Chorus Line Program Inside
A Chorus Line Program Back

The A Chorus Line Program was design completely by the Wizarts for the CLOC Musical Theatre. Although the logo was supplied from the original production company. The overall graphic design was precisely executed through good design and typography skills.

One of the joys of being involved in a company such as CLOC is being able to experience the many different genres in theatre. The A Chorus Line Program design is inspired by the 1970’s. This was a time of excess and over-the-top interiors in the form of bold colours, patterns, textured surfaces. Besides the stricking colours, there is also a wealth of earthy tones and shapes.

The Wizarts have expert experience in theater programs because they have been doing them for over then 20 years. What makes A Chorus Line so popular is that it departs from the usual musicals. This musical presents a true picture of what it’s like to be in theatre. For example, the characters are loosely based upon the experiences of Broadway dancers. Consequently, the story resonates with anyone who has ever had a dream and experienced the trials that come with realising those dreams.

Programs are extremely important for the theater performance. Planning and managing of print production is crucial for a stress free arrangement by the Wizarts. Leaving a job like this in the hands of the Wizarts is done with confidence.

Each time the Wizarts puts a job in for a graphic design production, its done differently, uniquely and above all creatively! Rest assured that the print setup is perfect and all finished artwork is press ready so that there are no unexpected hiccups along the way.

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