5 Domains of Leadership

5 Domains of Leadership by Dr John N. Rietveld, published by Palmer Higgs

5 Domains of Leadership is a book cover designed by The Wizarts to capture a clean corporate looking cover.

The client had a mainly text-based cover design in mind and without the use of bitmap or photo effects. The client had very specific ideas in which the silhouettes of business people were incorporated into the white design, bringing the book title to the fore. The cover also had to encompass a list of key phrases that were prominent within the books message. We chose to incorporate key phrases in a soft effect that gave a direction leading to the word Leadership. Leadership being the main subject matter in this publication.

In relation to leadership, the colour red was used predominantly in the book title. This colour represents energy, passion and action. It is warm and associated with needs and will to survive.

The book spine is always an important part of the design processes. It needs to be sufficiently calculated to fit the number of pages and at the correct GSM paper thickness. Designing the spine needs to be clean and clear so that it can be identified on a shelf easily. The spine text should be the correct way around when the book is laying flat, with the cover facing upwards.